Liberal arts majors and medical school students uniting

A cooperation agreement was signed between RSUH and Evdokimov University of Medicine and Dentistry

 This is a pilot project that will attempt to unite the two types of knowledge along two avenues:

-          Liberal Arts practices and neurophysiological processes

-          Creation of integrated office that would promote biological, medical, technical and liberal arts research both on the theoretical and the applied levels

RSUH and Evdokimov University agreed to create a joint Department of Humanities that would organize interdisciplinary programs starting September 2019, said Rector Bezborodov.

Vice-Rector Pavlenko said that the goal of the two universities was to put together new integrative fora for the students and society.

Dr. Yanushevich, Rector of Evdokimov University, said that the fundamental Liberal Arts values and knowledge (languages, psychology, history, philosophy, etc.) cannot be done away with even in medical profession.


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