Moscow offers various types of public transportation: metro (underground), buses, trolley buses, and streetcars (trams). 

Currently, over 180 stations forming 11 lines are operating, with 54 line transfers. There is also the Butovo light-metro line. The metro operates from 5.35 a.m. till 01.00 a.m. To ride the Metro, you first have to buy a ticket. You can buy single-ride and multiple-ride tickets; the more rides you have on your ticket, the cheaper each individual trip is. The cost of the trip does not depend on how far or for how long you are traveling. The tickets have a limited validity term which is printed on the back of your ticket after you have used it for the first time. You can get to any station in the Metro system with a maximum of two transfers. Each metro station has a police unit and an emergency medical facility.


How to use the Moscow underground

Ground transportation
Operates from 6.00 to 24.00. Tickets can be bought at special kiosks at 28 rubles per ticket.

Taxi cabs can be recognized by the checkered strip on the car door or the highlighted sign “T” on the roof. 
A taxi can be ordered by phone: 940-8888, 232-1111, 105-5115 (24 hours a day). 
Planning your journey, you should remember that on weekdays, there are major traffic jams downtown from mid-morning until mid- to late-afternoon.

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