Center for Russian as a Foreign Language

The Center for Russian as a Foreign Language  (RFL) is one of the University’s academic subdivisions. The Center teaches foreign students the Russian language and culture, increasing their opportunities through improving their language skills. The RFL Center has a flexible education system. Each student selects an individual program from the courses on offer, tailored to their requirements, abilities and duration of stay.

Courses offered at the RFL Center include:

  • Basic Russian
  • Russian for beginners
  • Russian speech etiquette
  • Summer/Winter language school (intensive cultural program included)
  • Russian for graduate student and research fellows

In addition, the Russian Language Center also offers:

  • Various meetings with Russian students where you can discuss a variety of issues and current events
  • Regular foreign film screenings where you can watch little-known cinematic masterpieces
  • Performances organized by the University Russian Theater

On arrival at the Center, students fill in a questionnaire and take a placement test. On the basis of the test and the questionnaire, a specific program is designed which can be supplemented with additional special courses.

At the end of the study period, all students who have successfully completed their program are awarded an RSUH certificate.

International Office of the RSUH offers the following cultural events:

  • Sightseeing in Moscow
  • Moscow Kremlin and its churches, The Armory
  • “Golden Ring” of Russia
  • Moscow of the nobility
  • The State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
  • Estates and monasteries in the Moscow Region and beyond

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