Meeting with international students in the fall semester of 2018-2019 ...

Meeting with international students in the fall semester of 2018-2019 academic year

On September 20, a meeting of foreign students studying at RSUH in the framework of the academic mobility program was held. This semester, international students came from 14 countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, China, Japan, etc., and 27 universities (University of Konstanz, Laval University, University of Vienna, University of Bologna, Uppsala University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, etc.).

The meeting began with the presentation of Prof. Dr. Vera Zabotkina, Vice-rector for international cooperation, on the life and international activities of the University. International Office staff and students of RSUH made a welcoming speech to international students.

According to the established tradition, foreign students are welcomed in several languages: Russian, English, German, Chinese. This meeting was no exception. 4th year students of the faculty of history, political science and law, Alexandra Chikalova and Anastasia Gradenko made a welcoming speech in Chinese, which pleasantly surprised students from China.

An innovation this time was a video presentation prepared by the students of the Faculty of international relations and foreign regional studies. The presentation featured international students studying at RSUH last semester. Students shared their impressions on the semester spent at RSUH, told why they had chosen our University, and gave their valuable guidance to future students and congratulated them on the beginning of the school year – they did all this in Russian, which they were studying the entire semester at the Russian language center.

We would like to note the student of the Laval University from Canada, Alexandre Jacob Roussel, who achieved incredible results in studying Russian and impressed everyone with his language fluency.

The meeting ended with a tea party of foreign students and RSUH students in the fame of the "Tandem" program. More than 120 students took part in this event this time. The "Tandem" program is a language and culture exchange program organized at RSUH by the International Office.  

Tandem is a method of language learning, which involves two native speakers learning each other's languages during informal meetings. This program is aimed at adaptation of the international students to a new cultural environment and allows everybody involved to learn more about traditions and customs of different countries.

This meeting is a part of orientation events organized by the International Office for international students. Such orientation events are aimed at the quickest possible adaptation of international students to the Russian culture.

RSUH International Office expresses its gratitude to students of the Faculty of international relations and foreign regional studies Ilya Mukhanov, Julia Martinets, Georgiy Khoroshevsky, Anna Grechina, Julia Kalashnikova, Svetlana Kapustina, Danil Yakovlev, Roman Romanov, students of the Faculty of history, political science and law Alexandra Chikalova and Anastasia Garashchenko, and a senior lecturer of the Chair of European languages of the Institute of linguistics Ekaterina Kryukova, who participated in the organization of this wonderful event

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