Courses in English

RSUH offers a number of English-taught courses for the exchange students. For the list of courses see the information below. You can apply for the courses through a special online application form that you will find at the end of the list.

Download the abstracts of core courses.

Download the abstracts of elective courses.


The information about the time and the room where the core courses take place can be found in a timetable section of the website: (search by the professor’s surname in Cyrillic).

Download the manual on how to work with RSUH timetable

To apply for the courses of your choice, please, fill in the following online form:

Online application form for courses in English.

Should you have any questions, please, address all your inquiries to the following email:


List of core courses in English

Faculty of Management

Communication Strategy Development (autumn semester)                  

Faculty of Sociology

Party System and Political Parties in Modern Russia (autumn semester)

Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies

Russian Foreign Policy (autumn semester)

Contemporary approaches to international relations (autumn semesters)

Analysis of Political Literature in English (autumn, spring semesters)

Historical Science and Political Projects (autumn semester)

Regional Studies (spring semester)

Public Speaking (spring semester)

Visual technologies in political practice (spring semester)

Presidential Rhetoric (spring semester)

Social Anthropology Center

Skills in writing scientific texts in English (autumn, spring semesters)

Translation of Anthropological Texts from English into Russian: Theoretical Aspects (autumn, spring semesters)

Institute for European Cultures

Interaction of Russian and European Culture as a Subject of Interdisciplinary Research (spring semester)

History of Russian Art since 1980s (spring semester)

Languages of Professional and Everyday Communication in the Modern Russian Socio-cultural Context (spring semester)

History of Russian Literature. Part 1 (spring semester)

History of Russian Art. Part 1 (spring semester)

Studying and Teaching Cultural Studies in Russia. Part 1 (spring semester)

Department of Intellectual Systems in the Humanities

ShanghAI Lectures (autumn semester)

Programming with D Language (autumn, spring semesters)

Institute of Philology and History

Lingua Cultural Studies (Great Britain) (autumn, spring semesters)

Lingua Cultural Studies (USA) (autumn, spring semesters)

A History of English (spring semester)

Media Language (autumn semester)

English Stylistics (autumn semester)

Theoretical Course of English (autumn, spring semesters)

History of literature of the Great Britain (autumn, spring semesters)

Theoretical grammar of English (autumn, spring semesters)

Mass-Media Institute

English for the Media (autumn semester)

Faculty of History, Political Science and Law

Advanced Studies in Public Relations (autumn, spring semesters)

Advanced Studies in Political Science (autumn semester)

Advanced Studies in Tourism (autumn semester)

Elective courses

Prof. Tarasenko

Consumer Behavoir (elective)

Prof. Kovalevskaya

Lesser-known Dostoevsky (elective)
Dostoevsky’s Major Works (elective)
Russian poetry of the Silver Age (elective)

Prof. Klyagin

Communication geography (elective)

Prof. Chistyakova

Management (elective)


Prof. Agadjanian

Religion in a Secular Age (elective)

Religion, Nation and Ethnicity (elective)

Prof. Ivanova

Contemporary Demographic Trends in Russia (elective)

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