University today

rotonda30,000 students
732 Ph.D. students
1,900 professors
1,229 professors with Ph.D.
95 members of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation
Source: Dies Academiсus-2012

Active international presence. RSUH has international research and educational centers and issues double diplomas. There are over 240 cooperation agreements with leading foreign universities and research institutions. Hundreds of students, graduate and undergraduate alike, are provided with internships at top ranked universities in Europe and other parts of the world. RSUH also offers courses read in English.

Expert faculty. Among the professors teaching at RSUH there are members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professors from top Moscow universities and other research and business institutions.

Highly developed research practice. RSUH has been acknowledged as the leading Russian research center in the field of humanities.

Intense student life. RSUH provides its students with a wide array of opportunities for self-realization, supporting all and every student initiative. The University has dozens of clubs, societies and regular events for the most discriminating mind.

Cutting edge multimedia technology implemented in education. 

RSUH Library is among the best university libraries in Russia. 

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