Rector of Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH)

Aleksandr B. Bezborodov

Rector of the RSUH


Associate Professor (Doctor) in History, Director of the Institute of History and Archives, Chair of the Department of Contemporary History of Russia, member of RSUH Academic Council, Chair of the Dissertation Board of RSUH in History, member of the Executive Board of the Russian Society of Historians and Archivists, member of the Russian-Austrian Committee of Historians, member of the editorial board of “Vestnik Arkhivista”, member of the editorial board of “Works of the Institute of History and Archives of RSUH”, corresponding member of the International Informatization Academy.

Personal and professional information

Born in 1954, in Moscow.

1977 – graduated from Moscow State Institute of History and Archives. Has worked at RSUH (Institute of History and Archives) since 1977.

1994 – appointed Director of the Institute of History and Archives;

2013-2016 – appointed Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of RSUH;

2016 – appointed First Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs;

29 August 2017 – appointed Acting Rector of RSUH by a decree of Dr. Vasilieva, Minister of Education and Science.

Academic research area

Expert in Russian history (second half of the 20th cent – beginning of the 21st cent).

Research areas:

- development of the Soviet science and technology policy in the second half of the 20th century

- buildup of the Soviet and Russian military-industrial complex

- rise and development of the dissident movement in the USSR


  • Certificate of merit from the Federal Archival Agency of Russia

  • Honorary higher professional education specialist

  • Medal “In commemoration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow”

  •  Badge of honor for merits in the field of defense of rights and freedom of people and citizens

  • Lapel badge “Honorary Archivist”

Author of over 200 academic, methodological (instructional) and general audience works, including:

- “History of the USSR/RF within the framework of current Russian studies” (editor-in-chief, co-author)

- “History of contemporary Russia. 1985-2009” (editor-in-chief, co-author)

- “History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union” (editor-in-chief, co-author)

Over 15 federal-reach textbooks have been published by the Academic and Research Center at the Institute of History and Archives of RSUH with Dr. Bezborodov being the editor-in-chief and a co-author.

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