International Cooperation

International Cooperation

Developing academic and educational ties with foreign partners is one of the major trends in the RSUH.

The RSUH has more than 250 partner educational institutions in Europe, in the US, in Canada, Asia, and Latin America. The RSUH works with the Konstanz University, the Humboldts Berlin University, Bohum University in Germany, with Université Paris-Sorbonne IV, Paris-VIII, with the universities of Nantes and Toulouse in France, with the universities of Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice in Italy, with the universities of Uppsala and Göteborg in Sweden, with the State Universities of Iowa and Ohio, with Middlebury college, Trinity College, Beloit College in the US, with Laval University in Canada, with the Chibo University in Japan, with the Seoul University in the Republic of Korea and with other universities and colleges as well.

The principal activities of the Department for International Affairs:

  • organizing international cooperation
  • developing International Centers for Education and Research
  • organizing training for foreign students and graduates students
  • organizing international conferences, seminars and presentations at the RSUH
  • organizing and managing student and graduate student exchanges, faculty exchanges
  • organizing and managing the RSUH’s participation in multilateral integration projects
  • Providing visa support
  • Producing educational multimedia products, analytical informational catalogues and reference books

International cooperation in numbers and figures on average per year:

Foreign partners More than 250
Academic mobility
More than 1000 people a year
International Centers for Education and Research13
International regional studies specializations
Lectures by foreign scholars
International Conferences45

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